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My years of experience and 10+ certifications have taught me how to create confidence and radiance in clients of all ages, ethnicities and styles.  With a back round in Business, Biology, Master Makeup Artistry and Esthetics; I specialize in All Things Permanent Makeup. The idea of ‘LOW MAINTENANCE beauty’ is what keeps me in this industry. The idea of Simplifying our routine, Significantly building confidence and keeping it as Natural as possible is always my goal! Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin. 


Permanent makeup is not created to replace makeup but rather, enhance your beauty without any. 

It has the power to conceal and reward those who are stronger than most living with alopecia, cancer, trichotillomania and many other medical conditions. 


Cosmetic Tattooing, “Permanent Makeup”, is the Future and I am excited to introduce you to it! 


Credentials: ​​ Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing, minor in Biology Completion of Bobbi Brown Master Makeup Artistry Program, Emerson College Graduate of Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics Graduate of Fundamentals of Micropigmentation, Prettyology Academy Certified & Specializing in: Eyebrow Pigmentation, in all forms Microblading​ Ombre Brows / Traditional Shading Single Needle Hairstrokes Previous Pigment Correction Lip Color Pigmentation, in all forms Lip Blushing Lip Neutralizing Eyeliner Pigmentation, in all forms  Top Eyeliner Stardust  Scar Correction and Camouflage Tattoo Removal  Areola Restoration (Uni-lateral / Bi-lateral) trained by, VMM Method Paramedical Tattoos Fine Line Tiny Tattoos​

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What is Permanent Makeup? Permanent makeup is the art of implanting pigment into a shallow layer of your skin. This is most broadly called Micropigmentation or Cosmetic Tattooing; some techniques are Microblading, Shading, Ombre, Single Needle Hairstrokes and Soft Pixilation. The difference amongst these is simply the desired style and appearance. It is like Art, based on different types of paint and utensils, the color will be brought to life differently!

Why is it a 2-step process? The reason permanent makeup is a 2-step process is due to both the anatomy of the skin, as much as my preference to stay conservative initially. 1. The skin is a living organism. It is constantly growing, shedding and resurfacing. With permanent makeup, we do NOT work as deep as body tattoos. With that being said, the shallow layer of your skin can only hold so much pigment in one session. Think of it like a sponge, it can only hold so much water before it leaks out. Your skin is the exact same. We also do not ever want to cause trauma. "Less Trauma, Better Retention." 2. Staying Conservative. We can always ADD MORE, but there is no magic eraser. I pride myself on staying conservative during the initial appointment with the expectation to always go darker or thicker at the follow up. When it comes to altering and enhancing our appearance, I enjoy building with you as you get more comfortable!

Precare/ Medical Contraindications Diabetes Cancer Shingles Hemophelia Rosasea Keloids Psoriasis Vitalgo Hepatits B/C Impetigo Pregnancy/Breast Feeding Lupus Herpes Dry Eyes Use of Steriods within 3 months Blood Thinners within 72hrs Botox/Fillers within 2 weeks Chemical Peels within 2mo Laser Treatments within 2mo

Previous Pigment from Another Artist? I'm still your girl! Every case varies from the next. There are some cases where it is a simple color correction and shape alteration. There are some cases that it is just refreshing someone else's phenominal work. There are also some cases that do require removal in order to lighten or adjust previous work. Either way, I invite you to reach out! I will always require a well-lit photo emailed to ( before booking. This will ensure full transparency of what I can offer and how we can achieve your desired results!

Why can't you be tan or sunburned? Simple answer is, when your skin is sunburned, it is damaged. It is more dry, exfoliated and sensitive. Ontop of that, when we all love our tan, it also alters my judgement on pigment selection. I need to accurately gauge your skintone in order to select proper pigment. After the appointment, you will be instructed to keep the area out of direct sunlight for 1 week and then advised to continue putting spf on the area for longer retention!

What to expect During the appointment? I invite you to come in to every appointment with positive energy and a clear goal for the outcome! Afterall, it is your face... Step by step we will talk through everything. There are no surprises. We will be drawing everything based on facial anatomy, muscle movements, style preferences and the measurement of facial features. The entire first portion of the appointment is delivered as a consultation. Every question will be answered and we will work together to create your goal. We will swatch every pigment before making our choice based on the undertones of your skin and desired end result. MOST IMPORTANTLY, with the help of liquid lidocaine, my goal is to make needles as painless as possible. You are in control of every step of your beauty enhancement with just a little bit of my guidance and professional specialities!

What is Paramedical Tattooing? *Completely Confidential* This is where permanent makeup meshes into the medical world. After being certified in Areola Restoration and Scar Camoflauge, I specialize in covering up old memories with a beautiful reward. Areola Restoration is the technique, taught by the Vicki Martin Method, where I am able to recreate 3-Dimensional Areola's for those who have undergone surgery due to many circumstances but most commonly, Breast Cancer. (And yes this includes Men.) Scar Camofloauge is technique of tattooing where I use multiple different skin tone pigments to cover and conceal many forms of scarring. The power of needling also breaks down scar tissue to smooth the texture. examples include but are not limited too: burns, past stitches, self-harm, surgery, stretch marks and other unforeseen circumstances.

What to expect After my appointment? I will give you everything you need! This will include a wash, a moisturizing balm and also instructions. When you walk out of your appointment, the pigment will be intensified. It will be darker, bolder, brighter and more sharp tuned. As the days pass, you will feel as if the area gets a little dry, tight and itchy. You're skin will heal similar to they way it does to any minor wound. As your skin heals over the pigment, you may experiance some dry flaking skin but with proper aftercare, it should be minimal. The new skin that heals over will be thicker and more opague, causing you to look in the mirror wondering why it has faded away. PATIENCE! Externally you will notice the healing for 7-10 days. Internally, your skin requires 6-8 weeks minimum to heal fully. At that point in time, its touch up time! Things to keep in mind: No Makeup on the area for a week, No direct sun for a week, No sweating or salt water for a week, (YES YOU CAN SHOWER), No sauna's or steam. No skincare on the area for a week

When and Why do I need a Refresher Appointment? I advice majority of my clients to plan on a refresher anywhere from 12 months-24months. Although, some clients don't require one for up to 36 months! This all differs based on skin type, lifestyle, skincare routine, and also the technique chosen! Microblading will ALWAYS faded the fastest. Clients with microblading need to anticipate touchups 12-24months. If pigment is not implanted with a manuel handtool, clients can anticipate 2-3years inbetween touchups. Why? Cosmetic tattoo pigment is placed shallow in your skin so it will always fade due to our skin always growing, living, resurfacing, exfoliating, reacting to sun exposure, or being altered with skin care products. There are external factors that can be regulated but there are also internal factors such as pore size, skin type, hormones, genetics, medications, sebacious glands and eccrine sweat glands that promote fading of pigment as well.

Any other questions? Although I may not get back to you right away, you may email me anytime at or request a Complimentary Free Remote Consult to ease your nerves. Although they are not offered through online booking, I can make exceptions if reached directly through phone or email! I am so excited to make you feel good about you! xx

Cancellation Policy I ask that if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you do so 48hours in advance! If you cancel within this window and/or No Show, you WILL be charged the full cost of the appointment by the card on file. Circumstances do arise and sometimes Life happens. I ask that you please reach out by phone, text or email.

Late Policy If you are 15 minutes late or more, unfortunately we will have to reschedule. Every appointment is appropriately planned with enough time and respect for the artist, and every client... including the one after! It is important we always have ample time. If there is any chance of running late, please reach out by phone or text!





WEDNESDAY: 9:00 - 6:00 


FRIDAY: 9:00 - 6:00








617 262 1607

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